STEAM education isn't just the course content—it’s the process of being scientists, mathematicians, engineers, artists, and technological entrepreneurs.  Students in the STEAM Academy will actively work to solve problems, take ownership of their learning, and apply content in real-world contexts.  Skills like collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving are part the STEAM educational framework.

In addition to the integration of disciplines and success skills, voice and choice are critical components of STEAM. There are many ways to have students shape the learning experience. They may bring a challenge they want to solve based on their interests—a passion-based method.  The knowledge and skills learned through the Kennemer STEAM Academy are applicable across any career pathway offered at Duncanville High School.  The STEAM Academy @ Kennemer MS learning environment allows for students to combine and synthesize learning from multiple disciplines, develop interpersonal skills, increase creativity given the emphasis on arts integration, ensuring they are both college and career ready.

When students leave the STEAM Academy, they will be prepared for any career pathway program of study they choose to pursue at Duncanville High School.  See the awesome opportunities students have when they get to Duncanville High School.