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Safe and Nurturing Environment

Duncanville ISD provides a safe and nurturing environment for our three and four-year-old learners to thrive academically, culturally, and emotionally.

Enrichment Opportunities

Duncanville ISD's structure for Pre-Kindergarten courses will provide a foundation for language and social skill development. Eighty percent of students advance to kindergarten able to read and write. 

Kindergarten and Vocabulary Readiness 

Students who attend pre-k have increased vocabulary and literacy skills; higher kindergarten and 1st-grade readiness; and an increased likelihood of graduating high school.

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Before and After-School Care

Before-school and After-school care is offered for pre-k students through Duncanville ISD for working parents.


Competitive Tuition 

Pre-K tuition at Duncanville ISD is priced lower than most daycares. According to "The Dallas Observer," most daycares in the area cost $800 per month. The district's tuition is only $475 per month.

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Caring Teachers

Our Pre-K teachers nurture each child’s unique talents and abilities to ensure they feel encouraged and supported.


Highest Standards of Cleanliness

The district is committed to keeping students safe during the pandemic. Facilities will be e-misted routinely with sanitizing spray. Classrooms are equipped with handheld e-misters and sanitizing spray for regular cleaning during the day.

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