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Show Up and Shine on STAAR

In order to participate in STAAR and TELPAS assessments this Spring, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is requiring students to be present at school. As shared by the Commissioner of Education, there are federal and state laws that require school districts to administer STAAR and TELPAS. Administration of these tests in remote or at-home settings is not feasible, which is why students must be physically present at school.

As a district, we are committed to complying with federal and state laws relating to state assessments. We are also committed to providing the safest environment possible for students and staff on our campuses. While we believe that a teacher’s evaluation of progress is the most meaningful measure of student learning, participation in state testing informs parents and the district of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on student growth.

Although not participating in a STAAR assessment in grades 3-8 does not affect promotion or retention decisions, it does have implications for graduation. Under current law, high school students are required to perform successfully on End-of-Course assessments (EOCs) to meet graduation requirements. At all other grade levels, students who do not participate in state testing are required to complete accelerated instruction, which may consist of additional tutoring, summer school, and/or intervention programs.

For these reasons, Duncanville ISD would like to encourage as many students as possible to Show Up and Shine on STAAR and TELPAS assessments. Although we are committed to providing a safe testing environment for all students, we recognize that some parents may still feel that for health reasons coming onsite to test is not a viable option. In that case, we respect your decision to continue to participate in remote instruction.

In the near future, you will receive more information from your child’s campus regarding details for participating in STAAR and TELPAS assessments this spring. Please reach out to campus staff if you have any questions regarding spring testing.

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