Health and Safety

Health & Safety

The top priorities in Duncanville ISD are the health and safety of students and staff. The district's safety guidelines have been developed in compliance with the current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Dallas County Health advisement. 

  • It is now optional for students, staff, and district visitors to wear face coverings in any setting. 
  • Temperatures will be checked routinely based on campus/facility protocols.
  • Desks should be spaced out 3 feet when possible to allow for social distancing or desk/face shield made available. When appropriate and possible, 6-feet social distancing will occur. 
  • Efforts must be made by campuses and student organizations to socially distance large groups of students and stakeholders in assemblies, common area, practices, etc. 
  • Facilities will be e-misted routinely with sanitizing spray.
  • Classrooms will be equipped with handheld e-misters and sanitizing spray for sanitation during the day. 
  • Students will be required to routinely use hand sanitizer and wash hands throughout the school day. 
  • Laptops and devices will be sanitized regularly. 
  • School buses will be cleaned and sanitized daily and equipped with hand sanitizer.  

Monitoring Symptoms and Exposure

Campuses will continue to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms through the campus clinics and school nurses. Students will not be required to complete the daily screener however, students with symptoms should not attend school. All students with symptoms or exposure will be tracked and followed up with by the campus nurse. Nurses will be required to maintain a daily health log to track symptoms. 

Students that are demonstrating symptoms or have been exposed through close contact, and have not been fully vaccinated, may be quarantined for a minimum of 7 school days as applicable. To return, a student must be fever free for at least 24 hours with improved symptoms and have a negative COVID test after day 5. A medical diagnosis can also be provided confirming symptoms are associated with a non-communicable condition. 

Parents will receive notification if their child was in close contact. These guidelines are subject to change based on updates from the CDC and/or state or local health authorities.