Instructional Learning Plan


Duncanville ISD believes in providing students choices in how they learn, and this philosophy will continue as we embrace a new choice program beginning in the 2020-2021 school year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our students will now have an opportunity to choose from two instructional paths: in-person and virtual.

Program Comparison

  In-Person Virtual
Offer Pre-K-12th Grade
Taught by Certified Teachers
Traditional 9 Week Grading Period
Daily Attendance Requirements
Follows the District Calendar
Adheres to Grading Policies and Reporting
Use of District Curriculm
Consistent Learning Management Platform
Required Participation in State Testing & Accountability
Receives Special Services




  • Create and maintain assignments in Google Classroom, including: class schedule of virtual live session, links to Zoom or Google Meet, and office hours.

  • Develop engaging lessons for both virtual and in-person direct teach and small group lessons. Provide opportunities for student-to-student communication and collaboration.

  • Establish classroom procedures for students working independently both virtually and in-person.

  • Monitor student mastery during guided practice prior to releasing students for independent assignments.

  • Create extension activities for students that complete work early (virtual and in-person).

  • Provide small group instruction to virtual and in-person students.

  • Provide opportunities at the conclusion of each lesson for students to show mastery of the learning objective through the use of Exit Tickets. 

  • Establish a system for providing feedback to students on progress.

  • Establish a systematic method for communicating with parents weekly.

  • Prepare accommodations and interventions for special populations (Special Education, 504, ESL, etc.).

  • Post a recording of their live, synchronous instructional session(s) in Google Classroom daily.

  • Be mindful to only assign two activities for grades per week.

  • Ensure that all assessments align to the learning objectives and SEs in the curriculum guides established.


  • Follow the designated schedule communicated by their teacher to attend class during live virtual times and complete autonomous activities assigned
  • Participate in learning through live class time (using proper etiquette)
  • Students should take responsibility for advocating for themselves
  • Turn in daily school work at the direction of the assigned teacher
  • Responsible for daily participation in the lesson
  • Daily participating in classes at designated times


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