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Principal's Office

  • Melanie J. Lewis

     Hardin Parents and Students:

    At Hardin Intermediate we strive to provide quality instruction daily to ensure our students have been given the tools necessary to be successful in the classroom. Our dedicated faculty and staff work hard to meet students where they are and get them where they need to be. We believe that TEAMWORK is essential to student success. Setting high standards and maintaining a positive environment is key. 

    At Hardin Intermediate, we see obstacles as opportunities. We not only prepare our students to be successful academically, but we also provide them with a nurturing environment that meets their needs socially and emotionally.

    We encourage all parents to be active participants in your child’s educational experience. We believe that it takes a village and we are committed to doing our part. The faculty and staff of Hardin Intermediate understand that fifth and sixth grade are some of the most critical years in a child’s developmental stages. Therefore, we are committed to the success of all our students. We set high standards and expectations which in turn produce students that rise to the occasion.

    Thank you for entrusting us with your children.

    Melanie J. Lewis



Our History

  • Hardin


    Glenn C. Hardin Intermediate opened in 1987, and was renovated in 2004.  The school was named for former district administrator Glenn C. Hardin.  The school serves grades 5-6.

    Glenn C. Hardin


    Glenn C. Hardin was the youngest of six children and the son of a Baptist preacher. He was born in 1924 and grew up during the depression. He was a high school cheerleader, basketball and baseball player, soldier, father, grandfather, and an educator.

    World War II started in December of his senior year. His high school offered credit to any boys that would enter the service or go into defense work. In February 1942, Mr. Hardin went to N.Y.O. (National Youth Organization) training for defense work. He then went to Corpus Christi Naval Air Station as an inspector. Deciding that he wasn’t helping to win the war fast enough, he went into the US Army Air Corps in March of 1943 (his goal at that time was to be a tail gunner on a B-17). The day he went in to enlist he did not weigh enough, and so he filled up on water and bananas for the rest of the day until he reached the required weight.

    Mr. Hardin reported to Wichita Falls for basics, Amarillo for engineering school, Las Vegas for gunnery school and Ardmore, Oklahoma for overseas training. On July 11, 1944, he left Kearney, Nebraska to go overseas. While stationed in England, he was with the 8th Air Force. November 23, 1944, on his 12th mission, he was shot down over Germany. An out-of-control German Fighter dove down through his wing, taking him down with them.

    On July 11, 1945, one year to the date after which he left for England, Mr. Hardin sailed home from Germany. After the war, Glenn Hardin went to college on the GI Bill, received his degree from Stephen F. Austin College, and became a teacher.

    Mr. Hardin’s career in education included many different experiences. He started his teaching career in Pine Tree ISD (now in Longview) as a fourth grade teacher. He later taught 7th grade health, high school civics, and coached football, tennis, and basketball. He was an elementary principal for 21 years, a high school principal for 6 years, and superintendent one year in the Duncanville and Leverts Chapel School Districts. Mr. Hardin had a total of 32 years of service for the children of Texas.

    Glenn C. Hardin died of pancreatic cancer on January 31, 1983. He is buried in Little Bethel Cemetery.

    Who Named Our School?

    The community, former school students, friends, and faculty wrote letters petitioning the Duncanville School administration to name a school in honor of Mr. Hardin. A letter written to the newspaper editor at the time of his death clearly described why people who knew Mr. Hardin wanted a school named for him. It started, "You couldn’t be around him five minutes without realizing that he honestly found joy and personal reward in children and his chosen field of education. Every child was special to him. He never seemed to notice or differentiate between how the child was dressed, or what his or her I.Q. was – or their color or looks. He saw only into their hearts and seemed to always be able to fulfill their individual needs. There was always time for a friendly joke, a quick smile, a word of encouragement, a boost to the water fountain, or a patient ear for a problem. Despite the hundreds of children who passed through Central’s halls, Mr. Hardin had the uncanny knack of always knowing each child by name. Not only did he know their names, but their brothers' and sisters' names as well. If the child didn’t have money for lunch, he provided it. If a student wanted him to sit with them at lunch, he sat with them and treated them with respect.  He touched every child’s heart daily. He wanted his staff to provide his students with a smile. He was the kind of man who demanded respect and mutual caring from his students and earned it 100%.

    Why is There a Rug in Our Hallway?

    The braided rug was made by the 5th grade students at Central Elementary and presented to Mr. Hardin during the United States Bicentennial Year of 1976. When Hardin Intermediate was dedicated on February 7, 1988, Mrs. Hardin gave the rug to the school to be hung in its hallway. The rug is hanging on the wall located beside the Media Center.

    Mascot:  Patriots

    Colors:  Red and royal blue

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School Information

  • 426 E. Freeman St.
    Duncanville, Texas 75116
    p. 972-708-3300
    f. 972-708-3333

    School Mission Statement
    At Hardin Intermediate, we...

    Help each other
    Achieve success,
    Realize dreams,
    Develop skills, and
    Impact the community
    Now and in the future.


    School Mascot

    School Colors
    Red and Blue

    School Hours
    8:30 am - 4:00 pm

    Campus Administrators

    Melanie J. Lewis

    Melanie J. Lewis, Principal
    Christine Chrietzberg, Asst. Principal
    Open, Asst. Principal