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Acapella Anthem Singers' Video Goes Viral

Anthem Choir Students A group of high school choir members is enjoying viral video fame based on their awe-inspiring acapella performance of the National Anthem earlier this month.


The quartet performed at the back to school Panther Pride rally at Duncanville High School to a packed Sandra Meadows Arena. Now they’re blowing up on social media. Since it was posted on the choral department's Facebook page August 10, the performance has received more than 100,000 views. 


“I didn’t think the video was going to get this many views. I didn’t even know they were going to post the video,” Ryan Smith said.


The members of the quartet, which also includes Danny Lyons and Matthew Merritt are all seniors. They have formed their own group called Made4Melody. 


"I love singing with these guys and I can't wait for what God has next," Aadon Benson said.


View video here.


Published 8/29/18