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Swimmer Wears Pink for Cancer Research

Christian Raises Funds

Christian Wilson knew he wanted to raise money for cancer research, so he picked up the phone and called the American Cancer Society.


The senior at Duncanville High School already had an idea in mind. October is breast cancer awareness month, and it’s known for its pink-themed fundraisers.


Christian planned to sell pink swim caps at $10 each to his fellow athletes on the swim team and anyone else who wanted to contribute to his cause.


“I knew all these people are my family and they would support me,” Christian said.


Dana-Susan Crews took Christian’s call at the American Cancer Society. Christian told her he had an aunt and uncle who were both affected by cancer. She was impressed by his initiative.


“He’s just an amazing young man,” Ms. Crews said. “He’s very polite, mature and has such a good heart.”


Ms. Crews decided Christian should join the 20 men in Dallas who are part of the ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ fundraising campaign. Most are heavy hitters in the business world who commit to wear pink in October while raising money for breast cancer research.


At 17, Christian is the youngest participant in north Texas.


So far, every member of the Duncanville High School swim team has purchased a pink cap. They wore them at their first meet earlier this month.


“I think it’s cool to look out at the water and see a pink out,” Christian said.


Last year nationwide, 3,100 men participated in the campaign and raised $6.5 million.

The competition ends October 31.


Ms. Crews told Christian no matter how much money he raises, he’s already making a positive impact in the effort to cure cancer.


“As a 17-year old, when you decide you want to do something like this, that’s going to affect many lives,” Crews said.


If you’d like to donate to the Real Men Wear Pink fundraiser, you can do so online here.



Published 10.19.18