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Superintendent Encourages Staff, Students to Finish Strong

Duncanville ISD family, we are just two months away from the end of the school year. This is the time of year when it’s important to take a moment and reflect. At the start of the school year, I challenged the staff to find their “Why.” Why did they choose education as a profession? Why did they make the commitment to dedicate hours upon hours preparing our students to be successful?


Now that we are in the home stretch of the school year, I can say that we are ready to approach the end of the year with confidence and a laser focus on our goals. It’s time for us to harness that positive energy and Finish Strong.


We have made so much progress this year, but now is not the time to relax or be satisfied with the status quo. Now is the time to maximize our potential and stay hungry. Now is the time to Finish Strong.


It is an honor to work with teachers, administrators and support staff who are absolutely dedicated to our students. I encourage you to keep pushing forward and keep writing success stories. Let’s Finish Strong.



Dr. Marc Smith, Superintendent

Duncanville ISD