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Students Crunch Numbers at Math Mania

The clock was ticking for elementary and intermediate students who competed at the annual Duncanville ISD Math Mania Competition. Individual and team players had seconds to work out math problems before pressing the buzzer with the right answer.


Cheers were heard from the auditorium seats as winners were announced at the end of the competition. Below is a list of all the winners.

Individual competition:

3rd grade: Ethan Delgado –Alexander ElementaryTeam photo

4th grade: Donovan Shankle – Fairmeadows Elementary

5th grade: Jade Muniz – Hardin Intermediate

6th grade: Mark Rosario -  Brandenburg Intermediate



Third grade

1st place - Alexander Elementary

2nd place - Hastings Elementary

3rd place - Acton Elementary


Fourth grade

1st place - Hastings Elementary

2nd place - Fairmeadows Elementary

3rd place - Acton Elementary


Fifth grade

1st place - Brandenburg Intermediate1st place 4th grade Hastings Elementary

2nd place - Daniel Intermediate

3rd place - Hardin Intermediate


Sixth grade

1st place - Hardin Intermediate

2nd place - Daniel Intermediate

3rd place - Brandenburg Intermediate