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January is Board Recognition Month

School Board Thank You



Duncanville ISD's Board of Trustees is committed to seeing that students receive a quality education, and for that, we say a special thank you during January - Board Recognition Month.

President Carla Fahey, Vice President Cassandra Phillips, Secretary Phil McNeely, Jackie Culton, Renee McNeely, Janice Savage-Martin and Janet Veracruz have dedicated themselves to serve the children, staff and teachers of Duncanville ISD. 

They commit to read reports, learn the laws, understand the community’s needs, set thoughtful goals and wisely handle the district’s financial resources. Their job means being available to hear from concerned parents in the grocery store, at the game or over the backyard fence. 

The Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees serves in a volunteer capacity and the work is repaid only with the satisfaction that with their guiding hand, our schools are doing an amazing job preparing the next generation of leaders.

Thank you, Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees.


Published 1/06/20