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Bus Driver Builds Relationships With Students


Duncanville ISD bus driver Michael Lynch noticed something was wrong with a couple of elementary school students on September 8. Two brothers he picked up from Merrifield Elementary boarded his bus crying. He noticed one was injured. After his routes were finished, Lynch drove all the way back to the school to share his concerns with Merrifield principal, Linda Sorenson. Sorenson said she knows what a challenging job it can be to drive a school bus, and she praised Mr. Lynch for going “above and beyond.”


“After talking with him, I could see that he truly is driving a bus because of the connections he can make with our students, Sorenson said. “How rare is that these days!” Sorenson thanked Director of Transportation, Brian Merchant for his choice of driver for that particular route. “Thank you for putting [Mr. Lynch] with those students. He will make a difference in their lives.”


This is Lynch’s first year as a bus driver for Duncanville ISD, but his positive impact on students spans his  25-year bus driving career.  Lynch talks to ‘his kids’ about becoming productive citizens and the importance of education. Since the beginning of this school year, Lynch has been working with his students on memorizing Duncanville ISD’s mission statement. This week, his riders from Merrifield Elementary School recited the mission statement to their assistant principal without missing a word.