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DHS Students Score Career Experience at Football Games


Students at Duncanville High School are some of the few in the state of Texas who are getting real-world experience producing live coverage on the digital scoreboard at Friday night football games. Students work all week to create graphics, prepare scripts and edit video. On home game nights, students operate cameras, direct and produce the shows displayed on the new digital scoreboard – with equipment comparable to that used at university and some professional venues.


Many districts use adults to run their scoreboard productions, and some use students in limited capacities. Duncanville ISD is one of just a handful of districts where students run the production almost exclusively.


Media Technology teacher, James Rich, oversees the students in their outdoor classroom. “These students are going to learn this board, they’re going to write it on their resume and when they get to college, they’re almost going to have an instant route to a job,” Rich said.


Click here to view a Duncanville ISD video about the students and the skills they have developed working on the digital scoreboard.