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Risk Management Awards

Safety Resource


Duncanville ISD's Risk Management Department awarded the 2014-2015 Top Safest Schools and Auxiliary Department for their success in preventing or reducing injuries.

1st Place $1,500 Tie ($500) Summit Education Center, Dwight Weaver, Principal and Adrienne Jackson, Safety Resource Person

1st Place $1,500 Tie ($500) PACE High School, Keith Butcher, Principal and Eva Simecek, Safety Resource Person

1st Place $1,500 Tie ($500) Reed Middle School, Dr. Ryan McCoy, Principal and Rocio Griffin Safety Resource Person 

2nd Place $700 Tie ($375) Hardin Intermediate, Crystal Cross, Principal and Delora Dequire, Safety Resource Person

2nd Place $700 Tie ($375) Hastings Elementary, Keith Agnes, Principal and Elizabeth Armendariz, Safety Resource Person

3rd Place  Tie ($250) Brandenburg Intermediate, Dr. Thomas Cyprian, Principal and T. K. Lotts, Safety Resource Person 

2014-2015 School Year Auxiliary Department Safest Department Award:

1st Place $500 Nutrition Services Department- Donna Thomas, Director and Maria Corpas De Chatman, Safety Resource Person

Honorable Mention Warehouse Department- Shelley Freeman, Director