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DHS Youth and Government Students Qualify for State Meet


Duncanville High School’s Youth and Government club is preparing for the state meet coming up later this month.  DHS sent 167 students to the District V meet in November – which is more than three times the number of Duncanville students who participated last year.


All of Duncanville’s students qualified for the state meet January 28 - 31.


Ten Students Won Premier Delegate:

Jacob Labastida

Elijah Key

Dy'mond Wiley

Karia Wilkerson

Amaris Joubert

Brianna Hicks
Alicia Darby

Jessica Anyolo

Jaylen Lee

Maria Rios


Four Students won their local election and now qualify to run for state office. 

Jacob Labastida

Angel Luong

Christian Toliver

Richel Murata


Outstanding High School Clerk and Chair

Sharif Long

Maggie Medina