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Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees Meeting Summary


  Published April 12, 2016


Every month the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees convenes a regular meeting to publicly address the business of the school district. Community members and business partners are encouraged to attend and participate. There is a public speaking section during every meeting that provides an opportunity for anyone to share positive feedback or concerns. However, the board is unable to take action on any item that is not already included on the meeting’s agenda.


Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the Duncanville ISD Education Plaza (710 S. Cedar Ridge Drive).  A highlight of board decisions at this month’s meeting on Monday, April 11, 2016, included:



“Made with Pride in Duncanville” Honorees Recognized


Rodney Swisher, an Algebra teacher at Duncanville High School, is an innovative teacher, using the latest technology to help his students. Recently, Swisher used an app to host a “Math Challenge” over spring break. By sending a few math problems every day, students were able to stay engaged and earned bonus points toward their final grade. One evening, students were having trouble with a math problem, so Swisher opened up a group chat and spent several hours answering students’ questions.


Chris Anderson, Assistant Athletic Director for Duncanville ISD, works tirelessly behind the scenes to coordinate schedules and special projects for the Athletic Department. Anderson skillfully handles multiple tasks successfully, and is extremely humble with the ultimate customer service attitude. His focus is on providing student-athletes and staff with quality support so that their attention is on performance. Anderson exemplifies the first district value: We believe that students are our first priority.


Esteban Andrade is a senior at Duncanville High School, and is a model student in and out of the classroom. He was captain of the district champion cross country team, and serves as the Student Council President. Andrade takes an active role in planning and implementing projects, and he encourages all students to participate in council activities. He will serve as a junior counselor for the Texas Association of Student Councils Advanced Leadership Workshop.


Contracts Approved by Board of Trustees


The Board approved the contract recommendations as presented for both term and probationary contract employees.


Next month, the Board is scheduled to consider contracts for principals, assistant principals, coordinators, directors and senior leadership.



Superintendent Reports


Trustees received an update on Duncanville ISD’s 2014 Bond Program. View the update for more information.


Jim Richardson, Executive Director of the Duncanville ISD Education Foundation, presented the Foundation’s quarterly report.


Other Business


Approved March 22 minutes


Approved budget amendments


Accepted financial reports


Established a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for safety and security packages


Reviewed FB (Exhibit)


Reviewed FFH (Exhibit)


Reviewed TASB localized policy update 104 legal policy revisions


First reading of TASB localized policy update 104 local policy revisions