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District Teachers of the Year

 Price J

Javaun Price’s mission as an educator is to inspire, motivate and nurture the desire to learn and to encourage students to be the best version of themselves. She has worked at Duncanville ISD for seven years. She is a Career and Technical Education teacher who specializes in instructing students who have chosen to become future educators. Price teaches several courses including Principles of Information Technology, Virtual Business and Microsoft applications. She also monitors, evaluates and prepares 40 student interns for field training at 11 schools in-district. These are students who will become our next educators, and they’re receiving the foundation of those skills by interacting with our Duncanville ISD teachers. 

“It is important to me to keep the bar raised,” Price said. “I expect excellence, and even if correction isn’t warranted, I try to show them enough love and compassion that it ignites their desire to try again.”



Chandrea Williams teaches fifth and sixth grade English/Language Arts at the Summit Education Center, and began working at Duncanville ISD in 2014. As an alternative education teacher, Williams said she wears several hats to meet the needs of her students. She uses a ‘directing style’ of teaching where she promotes students learning through listening and following directions. She delegates by assigning tasks requiring students to work on tasks either independently or in groups while she observes their progress. She also uses a ‘discussing style’ of teaching by encouraging students to be critical thinkers, have lively discussions and respond to challenging questions.


“My most rewarding accomplishment as an educator has been the ability to see my former students succeed educationally, socially and spiritually,” Williams said. “Seeing students who share with me their appreciation of life lessons and academic growth makes me know that I’m walking in my divine purpose of living, educating, empowering and enlightening tomorrow’s leaders in my class is my daily reward!”