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DHS Class Holds 50th Reunion, Tours High School

Duncanville High School’s 1966 graduating class wasn’t very large: 132 people. The high school was also much smaller at the time.

In June, 43 DHS graduates from 1966 gathered to celebrate their 50th reunion, and a group of them toured the high school which has expanded in recent years to become one of the 10 largest campuses in the state of Texas.

“They were just amazed by it – the massiveness of it all,” said Sherry Boles, one of the reunion organizers. “We went into the gym and they were working in there. With the scoreboard and everything, it looks like a college gym.”

Boles said it was amazing to reconnect with friends to find out what they’re doing now and to reminisce about the past. Many things have changed since the class of 1966 graduated, but she has great memories of the time she spent in Duncanville.

“My fond memory was of the small school and the support we got from the whole community,” Boles said. “If you had a football game, everybody went whether you had a kid on the team or not. I loved being from Duncanville.”