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Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees Meeting Summary


Published August 9, 2016


Every month the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees convenes a regular meeting to publicly address the business of the school district. Community members and business partners are encouraged to attend and participate. There is a public speaking section during every meeting that provides an opportunity for anyone to share positive feedback or concerns. However, the board is unable to take action on any item that is not already included on the meeting’s agenda.


Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the Duncanville ISD Education Plaza (710 S. Cedar Ridge Drive). A highlight of board decisions at this month’s meeting on Monday, August 8, 2016, included:


New Administrators Announced


Monica Smith - Associate Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at Duncanville High School


Shannon Bennett - Associate Principal of Operations at Duncanville High School


Tamara Allen - Assistant Principal at Duncanville High School


Dr. LaSonja Flowers - Assistant Principal at Duncanville High School


Alton Jackson - Assistant Principal at Byrd Middle School


Paul Zevallos - Assistant Principal at Reed Middle School





2016-17 Online Registration

The online registration process continues to progress as we enroll new and returning students. It is especially impressive considering the fact that the school district is also implementing a new student information system, Skyward. Feedback from families has been primarily positive with comments regarding the speed and ease with which online registration has occurred. Director of Student Support Ed Marcell and his staff have worked diligently to ensure families have the information they need and know where to go to get answers. PIEMS Manager Michelle Anderson and PIEMS Specialist Krystal Tate created the online forms, have managed the registration information as it is added, and continue to address enrollment questions.


2016 Summer School

Summer School administrators Natalie Crittendon, Tamra Thompson and Nina Price were recognized at the board meeting for overseeing this year’s summer school. They had the added challenge of working around construction at many of our campuses, in particular the high school which was closed much of the summer. All three invited teachers who worked this summer and credited them for the success of summer school.

Superintendent Reports

Trustees received updates from North Star and Huckabee on Duncanville ISD’s 2014 Bond Program.

Lelia Goehring from Huckabee also presented about the Board room renovation.

Director of Assessment and Accountability Nneka Bernard presented the campus STAAR results.

Crystal Cross, Director of Staff Development presented an update on professional development.

Chief Technology Officer Kyle Berger updated Trustees about the Skyward conversion.


Other Business

Approved July 11 minutes

Approved T-TESS certified appraisers and appraisal calendar

Accepted financial reports

Approved Board Operating Procedures from 2016-2017

Approved the 2016-2017 shared service agreement for the Regional Day School program for the deaf

Approved the 2016-2017 DCJJAEP memorandum of understanding with the Juvenile Justice Board of Dallas County

Approved the Texas A&M University Advise Texas Program

Approved the Flavor of Duncanville memorandum of understanding

Approved the University of Texas outreach memorandum of understanding providing a college advisor to the district

Discussed the memorandum of understanding with the City of Duncanville for the Wi-Fi kiosks

Approved revised DNB (Local)

Designated backup submitters for processing Texas Education Agency Security Environment and Texas Education Agency Login requests

Approved City of Dallas to represent Duncanville ISD in tax foreclosure sales by public sealed bids

Reviewed employee engagement results

Received update on Teacher Specialists

Received information about the district’s demographics