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Teacher and Tech Coordinator Create Kid-Friendly Video About Technology Use

When Kim Landrum at Hastings Elementary was looking for a way to reach her second graders to teach them the safe way to use their new iPads, she knew who to contact: Instructional Technology Coordinator, Deborah Trujillo.

“I wanted her to come in because she’s somebody different for them to hear it from,” Landrum said.

The district’s set of rules for using technology and the internet is called the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’. Those words are not easily digestible for seven year olds, so Trujillo created a cartoon video just for them.

“They were excited about it,” Trujillo said. “I presented it to the kids and we stopped after each section and discussed what it meant.”

Not surprisingly, many of the kids already knew how to use some of the iPad’s functions.

“What was funny when we talked about the camera. One little girl described how you do a selfie,” Trujillo said.

Landrum said the tutorial has increased her students’ productivity when using the new technology. She said the partnership with Duncanville ISD’s Technology Department and Deborah Trujillo has helped her students learn.

“She’s been amazing,” Landrum said. “She’s always come out and helped with my class when I’ve needed that.”

“That’s my favorite part of the job just being out there with the teachers,” Trujillo said. “Those are the days I come home and feel elated that’ve I’ve gotten to do something. Being with the kids is fun.”

Watch the video.