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Youth and Government Takes Top State Awards

Sharif Long- YAG Governor



Duncanville High School's Youth and Government (YAG) students took top awards at the state competition in Austin last weekend.

DHS Junior Sharif Long made history Saturday night by being the first governor elected in Texas by more than 76-percent of the vote.

The team from Duncanville High School also won Premier Delegation - the top honor awarded to schools based on their overall performance from the beginning of school to the state competition. It includes criteria such as: following the proper Code of Conduct and following dress code at all events and competitions, meeting all deadlines and participation in multiple competing categories.

"I am so proud of these young ladies and young men," said YAG sponsor Dianne Williams. "Their dedication to Youth and Government gives me hope for the future of our government and I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with such amazing kids."

Six members of the team also received individual awards including five Distinguished Delegate awards and one award for Outstanding Bill. Two of the team’s media students were recognized for their accomplishments. Karxyiah Ashley had her entire article published on the YAG organization’s website and Emily Alfaro’s work was posted on YAG’s Twitter feed.

Sharif Long - YAG Governor
Kennedi Ford - Distinguished Delegate

Julia Bowers - Distinguished Delegate
Sebastian Caballes- Distinguished Delegate
Naomi Sanchez - Distinguished Delegate
Richel Murata- Outstanding Club Delegate
Julia Bowers - Outstanding Bill