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Junior Youth and Government Dominates at State

Duncanville ISD’s Junior Youth and Government (YAG) students from Byrd, Kennemer and Reed middle schools and Daniel Intermediate School took top awards at the state competition.

Byrd Middle School was recognized as a Premier Delegation, along with Kennemer Middle School, which received the Premier Delegation title for the fourth consecutive year. Being named a Premier Delegation is the highest team award presented at the competition.

Kennemer Middle School students brought home 15 individual medals from the competition. They won three of the five total Outstanding Statesmen honors given each year, which is similar to being named a sports MVP.

During the competition, students write bills and present them in front of their peers. It is up to the governor, who is played by a student participant, to decide which bills are passed. At this year’s competition, the governor passed seven bills, with four coming from Kennemer students.

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding performance at the state competition!


President Pro-Tem of the Senate, Isaac Euceda

Duran Senate
Kyndall Henry – Outstanding Delegate
Paris Lee - Outstanding Statesmen

Duran House
Jadon Christian - Outstanding Delegate
Jewel Delgadillo - Outstanding Delegate
Emillie Gonzalez - Outstanding Delegate
Daniel Perez - Outstanding Delegate
Araceli Sena - Outstanding Delegate
Joynae Tennison - Outstanding Delegate
Nancy Ayala – Outstanding Statesmen

Amisadai Aldama - Outstanding Delegate
Coy Mason - Outstanding Delegate
Davion Sykes - Outstanding Delegate
Genesis Lopez - Outstanding Statesmen

Angel Luong

Bills Passed into Law
Amisadai Aldama
Nancy Ayala
Varis Handy
Joyna Tennison