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Students Show Their Smarts at Science Fair


District Science Fair Winner




The district held its annual Science Fair last Thursday at Duncanville High School. Here are all the winners:


Student/Teacher                                         Project Title                                                  Campus


1st Place: Ria Fobbs                                  “Which one melts ice the fastest”                  Central Elementary

2nd Place: Mrs. Plemons’s class                  “Tree-mendous Trees”                                  Merrifield Elementary

3rd Place: Mrs. Robles’s class                      “Los Tipos De Rocas”                                  Fairmeadows Elementary


1st Grade

1st Place: Mrs. Barrera’s class                   “Do you really know how much sugar”            Fairmeadows Elementary

2nd Place: Mrs. Wolverton’s class               “Shells”                                                       Merrifield Elementary

3rd Place: Aedan Hood                              “Let’s Rock About It”                                    Central Elementary


2nd Grade

1st Place: Ricardo Garnica                          “Tornado”                                                    Hastings Elementary

2nd Place: Daniel Ulloa                               “The Honeycombs”                                       Acton Elementary

3rd Place: Name withheld*                            “Detergent Dash”                                        Hastings Elementary


3rd Grade

1st Place: Kayla Everastico                          “Life Cycle- Butterfly”                                

2nd Place: Sofia Ramirez                             “The Water Cycle”                                        Hastings Elementary

3rd Place: Alyce Hawkins                             “Lunar Lights”                                              Hastings Elementary


4th Grade

1st Place: Jaxon Faulkner                            “Veggie Volts and Citrus Circuits”                    Smith Elementary

2nd Place: Navaeh Salazar                           “Apple Delight”                                             Acton Elementary

3rd Place: Ruby Pineda                                “Does Water Temp Afffect Reaction?”             Merrifield Elementary


5th Grade

1st Place: Kierston Brown                           “Handy Alarm Clock”                                  Brandenburg Intermediate

2nd Place: Kellen Sanders                            “Hover Power”                                            Brandenburg Intermediate

3rd Place: Name withheld*                            “Confetti Cannon”                                      Daniel Intermediate


6th – 8th Grade

1st Place: Aaliyah Wills                        “Do you know about the germs you’re carrying”         Reed Middle School

2nd Place: Name withheld*                   “Microwave Radiation”                                             Reed Middle School

3rd Place: Mikayla Massey                     “Into thin Air”                                                         Hardin Intermediate


Thanks to the following Vendors:

Dallas Arboretum


Dallas County 4-H

City of Duncanville

Dallas Zoo & Children’s Aquarium

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Fossil Rim Wildlife

Texas Discovery Gardents

Girl Scouts of North Texas

UT Southwestern Medical STARS Program

Right At School


*Names withheld at parent's request

Published 2/19/18